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Come Home To Your Soul: Decoding The Wisdom Of Your Inner World

Explore the wisdom of your inner world to develop a meaningful and sustainable source of happiness.

Happiness—why does something so simple remain elusive for so many? True happiness is not related to pleasure or consumption, but is a by-product of emotional intimacy, spiritual meaning, and unconditional love. Until we become aware of our soul’s calling and develop a deep sense of self-compassion, we will always feel that something is missing.

Join others in an intimate group setting to consider different models of understanding from the wisdom traditions of Vedanta and Huna, new research in epigenetic and positive psychology, as well as the teachings and energy of the late Dr. Wayne Dyer. Through discussions, guided meditations and visualizations, shamanic healing energies, and daily practices, you:

  • Deepen your experience of self love
  • Learn how to connect with your own unlimited source of joy
  • Tap into the creative dimensions of your inner world
  • Heal old wounds and practice techniques for healing suppressed emotions
  • Connect with your spiritual reason for being here

Learn to develop a deeper, soul-connected, meaningful, and sustainable source of happiness.


Earlier Event: July 16
The Celestial Sessions