Meditation is a mechanism that serves the body, mind, and spirit. We spend most of our time looking outward to the concrete and tangible world, believing that the source of our happiness is based in that external world. During meditation, we explore our inner landscape and we awaken to creativity and self-healing; we expand our internal reference point from limited to boundless, from an awareness of Self that is skin-bound to the ever-present witnessing awareness that we are. A practice of meditation reminds us that we are essentially whole.

Meditation is not only a practice we do once or twice a day. Ideally, meditation becomes a way of living moment to moment; engaging our world, at every breath, from an internally referenced point, in unity with our environment, senses, body, mind, and spirit. When we become aware of this inner landscape of silence and peace, we simultaneously become aware that we can make conscious choices that will support us, as opposed to day-to-day reacting unconsciously, creating more of what we don’t want.