Private Sessions

with Dr. Anne Bérubé

Embodied Leadership Single Session

A select group of my clients find themselves on the healer’s path. Do you feel drawn to becoming an agent of change? Do you feel that there is a book inside of you? Are you a coach, a healer, a mentor to others?

The greatest healers I know are the ones who continue to deepen their understanding of their own gifts and limitations. That commitment requires rigorous self-work. It is what allows them to express their unique contribution to the fullest. It increases their capacity to serve.

People on the healer’s path might ask themselves: How can I love myself deeply enough to honour my gifts? How can I integrate a spiritual life into my “real” life? How can I find my own sense of fulfillment and happiness?

This embodied leadership session designed to support agents of change: healers, coaches, practitioners, facilitators, writers, teachers, etc. During our time together, we will work on deepening your connection to your unique soul signature, your calling, and develop tools to support a joyful and meaningful spiritual path and a confident practice.

$275 (taxes incl.) One hour session


Soul-Realization Single Session

Most of my clients come to me with some combination of the following questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is holding me back? Why am I unhappy, disillusioned, or disengaged? How can I let go of a past trauma and conditioned programming?   

Until we become aware of our soul’s calling and develop a deep sense of self-compassion we will always feel like something is missing in our lives.

We have a deep inner need for growth, unconditional love, and “soul-realization.” In this session, we will dive deep into the soul of your being, heal old wounds, and reconnect with your inner essence.

This session is designed for individuals who are looking for an opportunity to heal their heart and body by connecting deeper with their highest calling.

$275 (taxes incl.) One hour session


Autopoetic Healing Single Session

In this shamanic healing session, we tap into the sacred and the divine. Healing and insight come through the heart in a kinaesthetic experience of our spiritual nature. This is Be Feel Think Do in action. We begin with narrative but quickly put thoughts aside as we tap into the body’s innate ability to heal at an accelerated rate.

This session is for those looking to gain a spiritual perspective on a problem or situation and break free from emotional weight.

$275 (taxes incl.) One hour session