The Emotional Belly

I delivered this presentation in December 2015 as part of the Wheat Belly Cruise program with Dr William Davis. I wanted to address the unconscious emotions that often sabotage our efforts at changing our eating habits. In this video, I share the story of how through self-healing I discovered a whole new dimension of myself, a place within where emotions and feelings want our love, attention, and understanding. When we pay attention, we liberate ourselves from so much suffering: emotional and physical.

My Interview in The Soul Booth with Nancy Regan

I was excited, thrilled to have this conversation with my dear soul friend Nancy Regan in The Soul Booth! For Nancy, this is a heart project she has been working on for two years and to be her first guest is such an honour.  In the interview we go deep!  We talk about Dr Wayne Dyer, Be Feel Think Do (the book and the progression : ), the wisdom of our feelings and much much more. Would love to know your thoughts! Love, Anne xo