Getting to the heart of the baggage that holds us back is no easy task. Walking towards your vulnerability and embracing it like an old friend is so incredibly healing, liberating, and empowering. Moving through the process in a group dynamic can amplify the experience, accelerating the results. That’s what I realized while participating in my first Happy Sessions. Sharing my truth and being present while others did the same was a beautiful invitation for transformation. It gave me permission to shed layers I wasn’t aware I had even accumulated.
Anne masterfully holds a safe, supported, and sacred space for participants to do their own work, diving into and moving through what’s keeping them from living their truest, most joy-full lives. I honestly felt that a shift occurred at a cellular level! I left that weekend with gratitude, inspiration, lightness, and a renewed connection to mySELF.
— Rachel MacDonald, Dartmouth, NS
The moment I met Anne, I knew I had to go to one of her Happy Sessions. I wanted to reconnect with my truest and deepest self, having been feeling like somewhere along the way I lost who I am at my core. Through guided meditation and gentle discussion, Anne took me to a place within myself that I didn’t even know existed. The true gift is that I learned that I carry this within me at all times, and I can access that place, that person, ME, at any time. If you are seeking more peace and purpose in your life, be open to the possibilities and allow the Happy Sessions to propel you in your journey.
— Becky Keen
I had no preconceived ideas about The Happy Sessions. I just needed time to be quiet and go inside and to stop the noise and the obligations. My husband joined me, as well as two close friends. I left The Happy Sessions feeling expansive, clear, and peaceful. I discovered through breathing deeply and listening to my inner voice that I had all the answers that I needed and that it was safe to just “ be “ with myself. But what has happened since the workshop is that everything around me is better, just by me “being “ and feeling expansive, going with the flow and being clear . All I can say it’s been such a gift that I gave myself and everyone in my circle - my family, my work, my friends are all benefiting from my well-being.
— Suzanne Balcom Mom & Motivational Speaker