It's Been One Year

“Can we get some?”

How can you say no to Wayne Dyer? We pull the car over on the Trans Canada Highway. I’m concerned, this is too risky. I tell Paul to stay where he is, we can find another way.

“Nothing bad can happen Anne, I am with Wayne Dyer!”

“That’s right,” Wayne’s says, “and anyway, you are eternal!”

As transport trucks wiz by, Paul dodges four lanes of speeding traffic, gets into the bushes, climbs up a lilac tree, and brings back an arm full of lilac branches for Wayne.

It’s late May 2015 and Paul and I have picked Wayne and Maya in Ottawa to drive them back to Montreal and then on to Moncton for what would be our last two events together.

As we were driving, Wayne noticed lilac bushes in full bloom on the side of the highway. He shared with us how special they were to him, how they used to grow on his street where he grew up in Detroit and they reminded him of his mother. He even recited a few lines of the poem by Walt Whitman When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d.


When lilacs last in the dooryard bloom’d, 

And the great star early droop’d in the western sky in the night, 

I mourn’d, and yet shall mourn with ever-returning spring. 


Ever-returning spring, trinity sure to me you bring, 

Lilac blooming perennial and drooping star in the west, 

And thought of him I love.   


They would be the first and the last lilacs we would see on this long trip. An oasis of flowers in a sea of poplar and pine.

Needless to say the car smelled amazing, and Wayne was so happy. He kept them in his room for his entire stay in Montreal. That fragrance that powerfully filled the car that day symbolizes to me so vividly the Divine love that emanated from this man.

Today is the one-year anniversary of Wayne’s passing. He has been in my awareness everyday single day since. Although I miss him a lot, every time I tell him how much I miss him I can hear him say, almost annoyed: “why do you miss me, I’m right here!” And I know it’s true. He is more present to me now than when he was in his physical body. His ability to guide me is beyond time and space. And I know I am far from being the only one who feels this way, who he interacts with, who feels his love. He is accessible to all who desire his guidance. His capacity and his reach have magnified. The world is a difference place now that he is doing his magic from the other side of the veil. Only after enough time has passed can I know that his transition was a great gift, the ultimate selfless act.

My thoughts and my heart are with Wayne’s family and friends on this day. A warm loving hug to Skye, Saje, and Serena, to Reid and Maya, to Anita, Colette, Nancy, and Kate. A warm loving hug to my friends who also miss him: Celine, Chrissy, Lisa, Paul, Maman, Suzanne, Joshua, Rachel, and Shauna.

I am excited for what is ahead, for how his love will continue to manifest in this world. Good things are going to happen!

Wayne, I Love You xo