Be the light that radiates uncompromisingly

You know you came here to serve, to inspire, to support. It has been your mission since you woke up and remembered who you truly are. But on the light-worker’s path there comes a day when you are called to shine differently. Although your desire to serve still burns strongly within you, the light of your work feels diffused and doesn’t seem to feed you in the ways it once did. This should not be taken as a sign that you are on the wrong path or that you are not supported, but instead as an invitation to take a step back and readjust, so you can share your medicine with even more precision and power. You are called to tighten your aim in order to widen your impact, with less effort, and to master your craft even more. Pause long enough to gain clarity, then shift from a personal to an impersonal expression of life-force. Instead of being the personal mirror for others to see themselves in your light, be the impersonal light itself that radiates uncompromisingly, like the sun that never asks the earth for permission to shine. What you will leave behind will be replaced tenfold.