The Celestial Sessions 2018

The Celestial Sessions on North Caicos… man, what an adventure!  Twenty showed up and dared to dive in and surrender to the ride of a lifetime… and it was! We belly laughed, a lot, we cried, a lot, we chanted our soul to the sun, we stomped our roots into the ocean floor, we sang our love for our heart, we declared our freedom out loud. We breathed like never before, taking in air through our skin, feeding our insides with life-giving oxygen like we didn’t know was possible. We frolicked, we played, hard, we held each other, we truly saw each other. We remembered our greatness and reminded others of theirs, gently, boldly, tenderly. We were courageous, we held each other accountable, we said yes to help, we said no to “no more, I’m done”, we asked for what we needed. And we loved. Oh man did we ever love. We loved deeply, feeling that love poured through our being, like the most beautiful light feeding every cell, animating the sleepiest parts of our body. 

At every turn, we were met by the great mystery. We were reminded gently and sometimes not so gently that we are much much more than our bodies and our minds. We were shown that truth and reality are different from one person to another, and that they can all co-exist, not one is more real or more true than the other. As our consciousness expanded, we saw how no one situation, thought, or perceptive is black or white. We can to navigate the grey areas of our lives. The perspectives that felt so dualistic, trapped, un-negotiable before opened up in a 360 array of truths and realities. How amazing is that!

The veil is thin on North Caicos. Manifestation was accelerated, and nothing was left hidden. The good, the ecstatic and the not so beautiful peeked through so we could experience the wholeness of who we are, the exquisite wholeness of our wounded humanness. When the uncomfortable stuff showed up, we gained perspective so we could see that it is only the shadow side of our next enlightenment, the part of our wholeness that is out of our awareness, for now. How incredibly freeing it is that we know that, that there is never a final verdict on the state of things, that we are always, always, invited to move through and beyond our limited circumstances.  In this expanded consciousness there is incomparable freedom, and we come to know that we can learn, heal, grow and create through joy, like we did as children. When we fully embody ourselves, when we allow the medicine and the wisdom that we are to be felt through and through, to be nurtured and shared from a place of deep authenticity, we come to know that joy is the propeller of all healing and creation, the force that brings us home.

I learned SO much this past week. I am so incredibly grateful for every single one of the participants who came to play with Jeff and I in the field of endless possibilities. I am grateful for my co-teacher Jeff for sharing his gifts and for imparting his contagious passion for the light in the sky and the light in all of us. And thank you Paul for nourishing our bodies with delicious food. Luxurious and healthy food support our healing so beautifully xo

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