Great Big Winters

We avoid the great big winters by honouring the small ones. We can tame the intensity of our great big storms by welcoming the daily ones, the moments that ask us to pause and rest, even when it feels so dam unproductive. 


We avoid the great big winters by recognizing the days that demand stillness and observation, by honouring the weeks when we need to rest, not do so much, even if it goes against our well thought out plans.


We avoid the great big traumas and dramas by honouring the small ones, the very subtle nudges in the body, the impulse of frustration, impatience, the whisper that says: this is not working, so pause, go in, don’t move, stay here, for now. Receive. There is nothing to do, nowhere to go, but be. Be of service to our insides... And breathe more.


It’s so much more joyful and a hell of a lot less painful to ride the small winters when they show up than to accumulate the fire until it blows up and burns the whole house down.


I like that much more