Where Intuition Lives

The inner landscape of our being is a magical territory where intuition lives. The discovery, or should I say the re-discovery, of our body’s inner world is a sensuous journey that awakens us to the deeper, more subtle dimensions of our being. Making the trek within is the experience of fully feeling this life we are here to live and gaining access to wisdom and knowledge unattainable through the limited human intellect.

This is not how most of us have been taught to experience life. To give time, space, and voice to what is energetically stirring under the surface of the skin was not part of school curriculum or parenting approaches, back when we were kids. Yet, it is an essential component of a healthy, happy and self-realized life. It is often a journey we have to consciously choose to take as adults, when we acknowledge that living our lives based on the fears and worries accumulated from past experiences does not bring what we hoped it would. Reconnecting with the energetic body is reconnecting with our intuition, and it is the path to bringing back magic and infinite possibilities into our lives.

Intuition is our soul’s mean of communication. The Kahunas, the ancient Hawaiian shamans, believed that we could not truly know the soul or understand the divine spirit through the intellectual abilities of the mind. Trying to do so was a mere activity of the ego-mind, what they called Uhane. According to these wise beings, the way to connect with the divine self, our soul, our Aumakua, is through the instrument of the physical body, the Unihipili.

Spirit expresses and manifests through the tissue of the body. Out of the process of introducing silence within and placing our awareness in the heart, for example, one can feel, hear, see, sense, and taste the whispers of the divine spirit as well as the individual soul. Spirit desires to express through our entire organism, not just the mind. Being open to and allowing it to do so can bring about such a sensual experience. And it feels to me that there is not a more important purpose but to re-learn how to fully feel this wondrous universe unfolding through all of our senses. Presence in the heart is a great place to start, as our heart’s intentions are connected to the universe’s intentions of love, compassion, laughter, peace, and happiness.

As children we were highly intuitive. No matter the reason for our individual incarnation, we were all born without boundaries between our minds, our bodies, and the environment around us. We expressed our soul with exuberance and certainty. The awareness of our identity was not limited by the boundaries of our flesh, or the boundaries of our thoughts; it included All that is.

As souls on this path of remembering our true nature and allowing it to express through our being, we are invited daily to become aware of the subtle ways our intuition communicates with us. This requires becoming more aware of the energetic body, the light body, which can be experienced through feeling its expressions as sensations, images, sounds, tastes, or smells. It requires developing and fostering an intimate loving relationship with our inner landscape by practising a repeated awareness of our energetic body. In the beginning it can feel foreign, but the more we allow ourselves to fully feel all of the experiences, the perceived good and bad, simply feeling moment-to-moment becomes easier and easier, and our lives feel more authentic and meaningful. We become more adept at noticing the subtler dimensions of our bodies where intuition lives, where a more textured and sensuous experience of life desires to unfold.

Being connected to our intuition is a state of being in the present moment. This state is accompanied by a sense of assurance that we are connected to a greater whole and that our lives really matters. It is a complete experience of being connected to our minds, our bodies, and the environment around us, all at once, from a place deep within. It is the experience of knowing our true self as the expanded consciousness that we really are.